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Group One Challengers

- Lost an average of 10lbs/ 5% bodyweight

- Improved in strength and flexibility

- Increased education on fitness and nutrition including how to maintain results!

- Improved self-confidence and learned to motivate themselves when times got hard

- Learned to balance a stressful day and still living a fit life

- Joanne, as first place winner recieves $150 and all-expenses paid photo shoot with local photographer!

- Nancy, the second place winner (as voted by the challengers themselves) won free training sessions!

the Make Your Body Your Fortress group 1 challengers

Check out the group-1 results video: 

    I've been training for almost a decade now. Almost every year, I would run some kind of fitness or fat loss challenge with my clients. Especially to help motivate people and keep them on track around the holidays. When I sat down last year to plan the latest iteration of my annual challenge, I knew I wanted something greatly different than years prior.

    If you've ever participated in a 12-week challenge, you’ve probably had some kind of workout program combined with generic nutrition plan. Maybe even meal plans. More than likely they were based around “clean eating” a heavy restriction.

    The problem with most transformation challenges and meal plans is that you’re left to fend for yourself once it’s over! Most people don’t learn how to adapt their training and meal program into something sustainable that they can continue to use for the rest of their lives. So when we don’t have the tools to face life’s challenges as they come, we resort to what we used to do. Whether it was healthy for us or not.


    This is most evident over the stressful holiday season. When I started the first round of this challenge, it began in September and ran up to Christmas. My clients we are so successful in adapting training schedule and eating habits to be able to enjoy their holiday season as well as continue their progress. I believe in FLEXIBILITY and prioritizing. When they wanted a holiday treat, they worked it in to their nutrition plan for the day- without feeling like they should punish themselves with more cardio or any food restriction. When they couldn’t get in their workout that day, totally fine, make adjustments and move on. Continue to focus on the victories!


     I had everyone check in with me 2 weeks after the challenge ended, and everyone reported continued success. Even after Christmas and NYE parties or vacations. This challenge is about improving your mindset as much as it is your body fat percentage.


    I hope you join in the next round!

#MYBYF Group 2 launches January 23rd!

$99/month (for 3 months) 
$250 when you pay in full!
Save $25 on your program when you get 2 or more people to join with you!

email me: 

to join!

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