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We'll take a unique view of your program for optimal results and longevity...


Whether you are working with a trainer or following your own plan, it's imperative that you are aware of how well your body moves and what improvements need to be made in order for you to stay free from injury and attain your goals.

we are given standards for cardiovascular health and programming based on VO2 Max. Standards for strenght and weight lifting progams based on 1-Rep Max. But there was never a standard baseline for human movement until the Functional Movement Screen came along. Since then, athletes, firefighters, police officers, and fitness enthusiasts have been getting screened to improve their everyday lives as well as their safety and proficiency in their respective sport or occupation. 


Since receiving my certification in 2011, I've completely redesigned my programming and exercise selection for my clients as well as myself. I had been a trainer for years and was so frustrated knowing there had to be something I was missing when my clients were still complaining of shoulder pain or flexibility limitations even after extended periods of training. 

Once the FMS taught me how to view the body as whole and movements as patterns instead of the typical grouping of body parts, my frustrations ended as well as my clients were no longer complaining of typical gym injuries and pains. More than that, many of them have been able to reduce if not eliminate the reliance on chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy. They move better, and therefore we can often save them a lot of money and time by taking care of the issues in the gym. 

"As a competitive Olympic clay target shooter having a level of physical fitness goes without saying. Working and developing specific training for the muscle groups used has always been a goal for me. With Amanda's critical eye and deep understanding of body structure and application we have been able to identify those groups critical to the movement required. At age 63, I am currenlty ranked #2 in the US Men's Senior Division, and remain very competitive in the Men's Open Division. I believe it will continue to improve. Specific training + skill building= gain. Thank you Amanda!!!" - Dave Senter

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