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"Make your body your fortress!"

What's behind this mission statement?


   My greatest joy as a trainer is when my clients come to me with new excitement and passion about feeling confident, flexible, and strong in their body. It's so common to have people approach me with issues around weight, previous or current injuries, lack of strength, and so on. Whether it's these reasons or it's emotionally not feeling the way you want to about yourself (or perhaps both) there's no reason to continue living this way.

   I can relate to all of the above. I know what it's like to try to move thru life unhappy about the way your body looks and feels. Physical unease and emotional strain or lethargy create such a proverbial mountain to climb for either the new or frequent exerciser. My passion is to address the root of these issues to help you scale your mountain only once, as opposed to sliding backward because you took a shortcut and didn't do the real work. And by digging to the roots, whether nutrition, exercise selection, programming, or lifestyle choices, I can help you gain strength and new energy for your life and live feeling powerful enough to handle it!

   When I was struggling with my weight loss, I made all the wrong moves, leading to emotional problems, plateaus, regaining weight, injuring myself, and setting myself up for future injury by doing exercises wrong. I don't want to see other people go through this, it's so defeating and draining. It makes another attempt at your goal seem all the more exhausting. 
   Even in the early part of my training career, it was so common for my clients to still be struggling with these problems. But when I started digging deeper into the science of nutrition, human movement, and corrective exercise, my training style became forever altered. Starting with studying corrective exercise and sports performance enhancement, I then found TRX training and the Functional Movement Screen. Using these tools, as well as many others, I believe my training techniques and proven results with clients stand out from the mass of "typical gym trainers". 

​   And now, operating my business from a smaller and more personable location, Superior Physique Gym, I can offer my clients so much more. The atmosphere at this gym is so encourageing, everyone here is pushing themselves, and those around them to be their best.   

    This is where my motto comes from. Start building, or rebuilding a solid foundation and take yourself beyond previous limitations. Instead of creating just a big weight loss number that may not last or a showy physique that masks dysfunction, I aim to direct my clients on a path of results and victory that will stand for a lifetime.   


   The process is simple, working from where your body is currently, and not pressing beyond what it can handle until you have EARNED it by creating more stability, flexibility, and strength. As well as doing the "life stuff" adding in more good behaviors and healthy food and having them crowd-out the bad. Instead of focusing on what your body and you personally do wrong, we build on what works and use those to bring up where you're lacking.


You show up every day and do your best.

Daily, your best gets better.

Soon, your foundation becomes unshakable.

Your body becomes your FORTRESS.

In my expirience, I've learned all the right and wrong ways to approach your goals


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