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Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to!

Amanda Senter

Dec 13, 2022

Article written for Protea Nutrition marketing

Have you ever experienced that phenomena where you buy a car and then suddenly, you notice your same make and model car everywhere you go? And then even weirder… when it’s the same color too? This is actually an amazing feature in the way our minds work called the Reticular Activating System. This two inch bundle of nerves at our spinal cord brings to our mental awareness what we have determined to be important, and starts calling our focus toward paying attention to and looking for more of that important thing on which we are focusing.

People who use positive self-affirmations are using their RAS to see more positives within themselves. But also, people who are struggling with stress and anxiety will be using their RAS to direct their focus towards anything that will cause more concern.

Our challenge for you is to know that your RAS is not only always on, but it’s always going to direct your focus toward more of what you are constantly thinking about. So for whatever goal you are working on for yourself currently, remember that your RAS is going to show you more of what you are looking to achieve. Your mind can work for you on a deep subconscious level to help you get there.

Try something like this, rather than saying “My nutrition is really slacking right now. But I’m too busy to change it, even though eating like this makes me feel worse”… try using your RAS to help you out of this situation. Switch to a thought along the lines of “There are so many easy and healthy recipes out there. I’m sure I can find a little time this week to look for new ideas. I know that getting in some exciting healthy meals will give me more energy, and that’s going to feel great!”

In time, you will start noticing recipe ideas where you never paid attention to them before. You’ll notice pockets of time in your day where you have free time where you thought you didn’t. You’ll also start noticing what foods really make you feel good!

A simple change of thinking can change your whole life!

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