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We believe we have the strength to save people from human trafficking

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       Based in the fitness community, I'm asking for all my fitness-minded friends to take a personal challenge on their social media to raise awareness and money for this often overlooked cause.


       The motive behind the message being from the fitness community, I know there can be such a self-centered perception that gets associated with people who promote healthy living and achieving fitness goals. But we also have a huge audience to which we can relate a bigger, more important message. Mine being that there are 36 million human slaves in the world, bought, re-sold and abused over again. And I believe we can make a huge impact on that.


       Like the "ice bucket" challenge, it's social media based. However, the problem with the IBC was that many people didn't end up learning about ALS nor did the donations match the number of people participating. In my Strength to Save challenge, not only am I asking people to share a fact about human trafficking in their video or within the collage, but also sharing the donation receipt email (at least your name on it) to prove you've given to the cause.


        Participating is easy.

1. Choose an exercise that makes you feel strong. It can be anything! You can choose to make a video of you performing the exercise, or if you’re camera-shy, just document it any way you like.
2. Dedicate a percentage of reps or weight moved to the fundraiser, you’ll include this in your social media post. (i.e. “I’m donating $1 for every rep”, or “10% of the total lift”, or anything you like).
3. Share a fact about human trafficking in your video or picture post.
4. Donate here: when you receive your receipt email, include a screenshot of at least your name to prove that you’ve donated.
5. Share on all your social media outlets and encourage your friends and family to participate.

Here's my post...

"Tonight I did max weight on DB Side Lateral Raises. I got 5 1/2 clean reps. I dedicated ten dollars to every rep and did my best.
Can't believe my home city is so high on the list for sex trafficking. We can make this world safer if we all do something.
Speak up. Share. Give"

You'll find more videos and posts from others on the Facebook and Instagram pages @strengthtosave

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