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After attending college for personal training, I started training clients in person beginning in 2006. 
I now coach both fitness programing as well as nutritional guidance both online as well as in gym and in-home.

Using my natural intuitive abilities as well as education and skills in divination, I will aid in assisting people reaching new levels of understanding in their life. 

I started freelance writing in 2017 with a specific focus in program design, assisting fellow coaches with their clients. This expanded to writing articles for major fitness websites and magazines as a ghost writer.

Starting in 2013, after frequent request from fellow bodybuilding competitors to help them with their stage makeup, I began learning and building my skills and building a freelance career. I've been able to achieve a local reputation for stage makeup which aided in creating opportunities that included being published in national magazines and earning two covers. 
At this point, I am mostly retired. But I do remain open to exploring project ideas for photographers and models. If you would like to explore ideas and opportunity in my schedule, please contact me!

Get to Know Amanda

From overcoming obesity to reclaiming her life after debilitating chronic Lyme disease, there's more here than just barbells and makeup brushes...

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